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Young Links Trading Sequence

1 - The egg.
Get it from Malon just outside Hyrule Castle (on the castle
grounds, past the market).
2 - The Chicken.
Wait for a day for the egg to hatch.
3 - The Letter.
Use the chicken to wake up Talon by the castle (equip it and press
c). Then go inside the castle past the guards and find Princess
Zelda. She'll give you the letter.
4 - The keaton mask.
Show the letter to the guard guarding Death Mountain in Kakariko
Village. He'll ask you to get him a mask. Go to the Happy Mask
Shop in the Market to borrow the mask.
5 - The skull mask.
Give the keaton mask to the guard in Kakariko village. Then go
back to the Happy Mask Shop, pay them the money, and get the skull
6 - The spooky mask.
Go to the Lost woods (get there through the hollow log on the
ledge overlooking Mido's house). Go left to find the Skull kid.
Stand on the short stump wearing the skull mask. (Note that first
you need to play Saria's Song for him if you have not done so
already). He'll buy it from you. Go back to the Happy Mask Shop
and pay them the money and get the spooky mask. It's hard to see
because it blends in with the background but it should be there.
If not try coming back later.
7 - The bunny hood
Go to Kakariko Village during the day time and talk to the kid in
the Kakariko Graveyard wearing the spooky mask. He'll buy it from
you. Go back to the Happy Mask Shop and pay the money, then get
the bunny hood. While wearing the bunny hood no skeletons will
bother you in Hyrule Field.
8 - The Mask of Truth
Run around Hyrule field and look for a man running around the
field. He doesn't appear until after you've beat Jabu-Jabu's
belly. To find him quickly, as soon as you exit the Market run
toward the right side of Lon Lon Ranch and then circle around it a
few times and you should soon see him in the distance. If you
can't find him try again after becoming adult Link and then
warping back, sometimes he doesn't appear until then. When you
find him, follow him around until he becomes tired and sits down
(he won't talk to you until he does). He'll get tired quicker if
you play the Song of the Sun and make it dark then wait for a
little bit. Wear the bunny hood and talk to him and he'll pay you
a ton of money for it. Go back to the Happy Mask Shop and pay
them the money and then you can borrow the Mask of Truth! The
Mask of Truth lets you talk to Gossip Stones when you wear
it...Gossip Stones are those rubber stones that tell you the time
when you hit them with your sword.
9 - Other masks
You can also borrow a Goron mask, a Gerudo mask, and a Zora mask
now. Try wearing them in different places and see the responses
people give you.